Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Webster’s new chess clubbers get New York Times nod

Webster’s new chess clubbers get New York Times nod
St. Louis Business Journal by Matthew Hibbard, Reporter
Date: Wednesday, February 15, 2012, 5:49pm CST

An article from The New York Times yesterday mentioned the relocation of Texas Tech University ’s chess club in Lubbock, Texas to Webster University in St. Louis.

The move will bring Susan Polgar, head of the Texas Tech chess program, her Susan Polgar Institute for Chess Excellence and its top 10 chess players — eight grandmasters and two international masters, to the city. The students as well as Polgar will join Webster, with Polgar beginning June 1 and the students starting classes in the fall.

Paul Truong, Polgar’s husband, told Lubbock’s NBC affiliate KCBD that the move northward was due to a lack of resources available at Texas Tech. Webster University, on the other hand, has enough resources to fund its chess program due to an $80 million endowment, according to the article.

Polgar is the winner of four world championships and the only world champion in history to win the Triple-Crown (Rapid, Blitz and Classical chess world championships).

Sounds like a well-played move for Webster.


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