Saturday, September 07, 2013

Magnus Carlsen visits Webster University

World's #1 Magnus Carlsen is in St. Louis to compete in the Sinquefield Cup. But before the hot and heavy action on the chess board against Aronian, Nakamura, and Kamsky, he visited Webster University to play soccer and basketball with members of the nation's #1 ranked SPICE chess team. Here is the link to some of the photos (12 nations, 10 GMs, competing in sports):

Magnus is a new type of chess player, on and off the chess board. He is known for torturing his opponents on the chess boards for 5-6-7 hours. He will play out positions where most grandmasters would be content to agree to a draw. 

He is the same on the soccer field and basketball court. He is extremely fit and athletic. He physically wears out his opponents. Magnus simply shatters the false old stigma that chess players are nerdy.

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